Aug 15

MNR NFL Predictions 2013: AFC South


Our 2013 NFL predictions continue with another terrible division, the AFC South. If I were you, I would stop reading after I talk about how much I like Andrew Luck.  It just gets depressing after there. Let’s get started, shall we? AFC SOUTH CHAMPIONS: THE HOUSTON TEXANS Congratulations, Houston.  Your ability to field NFL level …

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Aug 15

MNR 2013 NFL Predictions: AFC West

Philip Rivers

After an extended hiatus from writing about sports, I have decided to return to write about what is possibly my favorite thing in the known universe: NFL Football. The season starts in 21 days.  Over the course of this timeframe, I will be giving my predictions on how it is going to shake out for …

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Aug 15

Eddy’s Smores Ice Cream


Smores, one only has to say the word and people are reminded of bon fires in the fall, roasting those mallows over the open fire, talking about the time when your pants were pulled down, and just having a good time with friends and family all around. Smores are a American staple just like ball …

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Aug 11

Just What We Needed. Chris Bosh In Full Raptor Form.

We all know Chris Bosh resembles a Jurassic Park version of a Velociraptor, it’s about time someone treated him that way. I wonder if he receives royalties from Toronto for still wearing a permanent mascot mask?

Apr 30

Aaron Rodgers’ contract extension is a stroke of genius


How is it possible that the Green Bay Packers have made their quarterback the highest paid player in NFL history and haven’t utterly destroyed their cap space? Simple: Packers General Manager Ted Thompson is goddamn brilliant. While Bears fans were passing out in horror over the nightmare that was the 2013 NFL Draft (more on that …

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Apr 18

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For: Chicago Bears 2013 Schedule


Four primetime games and a season finale against Green Bay. Let’s get this season started!

Apr 11

Bear of Bad News


Apr 10

His Time Is Now? Dolph Ziggler Puts On Some Heavy Weight


Well, it finally happened. After lugging around the MITB briefcase for over eight months, Dolph Ziggler finally cashed in and is the new World Heavyweight Champion. It was smart of them not to have him cash in a WrestleMania. The show was great, but Cena winning back the title would have completely overshadowed Ziggler’s win. …

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Apr 10

Kansas State LB Arthur Brown visiting the Bears


The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown is scheduled to visit with the Chiacgo Bears.  I have gone on record with my support of Brown as a first round draft pick. Alec Ogletree of Georgia and Manti Te’o of Notre Dame have also both been floated as potential first round picks for the …

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Mar 06

Bear of Bad News


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