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How Will John Cena Beat The Rock?


Last year around this time Kane made his badass comeback. He came out pissed off. New attire, new mask, he shoved Zack Ryder off the ramp while he was wearing a neck brace and in a wheelchair , and renewed his demonic attitude. He was a bad mother fucker.

What was his main purpose?

Turning John Cena heel.

WWE’s golden boy was put to the test against Kane for a very short feud. Kane’s reasoning for doing this was to get Cena to go where he refused to go. Without turning to the dark side, he was going to lose to The Rock.

He refused to turn. Then he lost to The Rock.

Keep in mind, this was early in the year of 2012. The beginning of the worst year of his career.

Not only did he lose to The Rock, but he lost to John Laurinaitis, ruined his friendship with Zack Ryder, was bamboozled by AJ, was the first person to lose after cashing in MITB, and is being replaced by Ryback.

Not the best year.

It was the kind of year to make a desperate man resort to desperate measures.

Now that Kane has been in “anger management” classes with Daniel Bryan, he’s in no position to prep Cena for his rematch. So what could Cena do to get the WWE title back?

Hire The Shield

I know, Paul Heyman was on video admitting to paying The Shield to protect CM Punk. But what if it’s been Cena who brought them in?

Hear me out. I’m not a Cena face fan, but I’d love me some Cena heel action.

What if Cena purposely hired The Shield to get in good with Heyman to protect Punk from losing the title all the way to Royal Rumble just to lose it to The Rock? Remember, Vince said if The Shield interfered in the match at all, Punk automatically is stripped and the title goes to The Rock.

The Shield did in fact interfere with the match. This was about to strip Punk of the title, but of course The Rock isn’t about to take the title like a bitch. So they restart the match and Rock wins.

No matter how you want to look at it, The Shield still interfered with the match knowing that Punk would have lost the title.

Cena wins the Rumble, Rock wins the title, the rematch is set. The story couldn’t be any better right?


After Cena announced he was challenging The Rock at Royal Rumble, he was attacked by The Shield. I believe, to make it look like he’s not working with them.

The terrible promo Cena cut just before the Royal Rumble was a slight example of his dick head side. Yeah he joked with a kid, but he also blatantly called a guy a fat, lonely, perverted loser on live TV. If that’s not a prime example of how to B.A.Star then I don’t know what is.

John Cena is due for a turn. Like I said, Ryback is going to take over as the new hybrid face of the company. CM Punk used the angle of turning on the crowd, but I don’t think it went over as well as he wanted it to. Yeah, he was hated, but by few. Everyone still loved him. The only reason people were excited to see him drop the title is because it was to The Rock.

Cena, on the other hand, if he turned on the people, that would definitely be an angle to get people stirred up.

I know the WWE creative isn’t this intelligent, I mean Freddie Prinze Jr wrote for them for crying out loud. Still, something new needs to happen.

This needs to happen.

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  1. Target Market

    that would be a pretty cool angle if it played out that way, which means that it will be the exact opposite. they will probably paint themselves into a corner and just say it was hornswaggle the whole time. cuz when something is terrible and not funny wwe loves to do it over and over again.

    also 5 bucks sheamus beats sandow for the 3rd time in a week

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