Apr 10

His Time Is Now? Dolph Ziggler Puts On Some Heavy Weight


Well, it finally happened. After lugging around the MITB briefcase for over eight months, Dolph Ziggler finally cashed in and is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

It was smart of them not to have him cash in a WrestleMania. The show was great, but Cena winning back the title would have completely overshadowed Ziggler’s win. It’s about time that Ziggler has been handed the reigns. But is he ready?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ziggler, but is he there yet? They have done nothing to build his character. He’s extremely athletic and no doubt one of the hardest workers on the roster, but where is he going? The last story line he was in had him competing for the tag team titles. Not to mention he’s been losing just about every match he’s in.

He is feuding with no one. Maybe a rematch with Del Rio, but then what? I’m totally for Zigs having the title, but they have no where to go. It’s really frustrating. The crowd was amazing that night and I feel that is what helped with the decision to send him out. The reaction when his music hit was unbelievable.

Maybe he could feud with his old partner Jack Swagger? Due to The addition of Big E, they could do some black/white angle to keep Swagger’s pure America gimmick going. Plus B.E.L. can help him keep the title longer by adding protection to matches. I’m just really struggling to see where this goes.

My biggest fear is that he loses it at Extreme Rules. But then again, would that be such a bad thing? Maybe he will lose it in order to help build future story lines. I don’t think I’ll be able to buy into any angle that they force on him quickly.

This also could mean more mid card talent making a jump. Even if it doesn’t mean putting the belt on them, it could jump them up as a test to see if they are ready and how the crowds respond. Ziggler wore the Zack Ryder/Dolph Ziggler yin-yang to the ring on his vest during WrestleMania. Maybe we could see a series of matches between these two bros?

Either way I am excited to see the title on Ziggler. He definitely deserves it.

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